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Bringing Back Pentecost Deliverance Ministries 

"Come as you are, change as you grow."


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Worship is our culture!

Its what we do Sunday after Sunday and anytime Bringing Back Pentecost Deliverance Ministry gets the opportunity to come together. Its who we are and its how we usher in the presence of God. Through song and through dance, there is no telling what will happen in the midst or how things will go when the presence of God shows up and we don't mind.


We have a habit of going where the Holy Spirit leads. So if there is a need for healing, a need for deliverance, a need for something, it is through worship that we are able to gain access to the throne room of God and hear a word from His glorious Spirit.


So come join us and experience it for yourself and see why worship is considered to be our culture.



Bringing Back Pentecost Deliverance Ministries under the leadership of  Apostle Nadine Forrest, primary focus mission is to save the lost at any cost.


Apostle Forrest and the Bringing Back Pentecost Deliverance Ministries Missions Team has traveled extensively, teaching and preaching the Gospel of Christ as well as doing various outreaches to meet the needs of those in need. Through prayer, health fairs, back to school drives, fundraising, bible drives, clothe and food donations as well as distribution and an orphanage, Bringing Back Pentecost Deliverance Ministries have had the honor of catering to the needs of many in India, Jamaica, Pakistan, Dominican Republic, Trinidad and Tobago, Brooklyn and soon to be the Philippines.


Our thrive and passion is to help those less fortunate than ourselves by extending a helping hand wherever we can to show and demonstrate the love of Christ to those who desperately need to know that Jesus cares.



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We are family.


Launched in March 2010, Bringing Back Pentecost Deliverance Ministries is a Christ-centered, non-denominational, deliverance ministry called to:

  • Share the Gospel 

  • Extend the love of Christ to others and to

  • Tear down the kingdom of darkness


As a church that operates in the gifts of the Holy Spirit, Bringing Back Pentecost Deliverance Ministries, is called to bring back and restore the New Testament Pentecostal state of mind, just as the Apostles did. This includes:

  • Unity in the body of believers

  • Operating under the anointing of God

  • Experiencing the outpouring of the Spirit of God and most importantly,

  • The proliferation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Bringing Back Pentecost Deliverance Ministries, though a small church, has a big purpose to restore that which is lost.


Here we teach our members and visitors necessary bible truths to help transform their lives and their futures, to prepare them to live the wonderful and victorious life God intends for all His children to have.


Despite its small stature, Bringing Back Pentecost Deliverance Ministries, under the leadership of Apostle Nadine Forrest has done and is doing big things for the Kingdom of God. We currently provide aid, feed the hungry, clothe the poor, minister to the lost and reach out to all people through our international branches in New York, India, Africa, Pakistan and Jamaica.





Tel. 917.791.5788

Email: Bringingbackpentecost@gmail.com

1216 Nostrand Ave

Brooklyn, NY 11225



Worship Service: Sunday 1st Service - 10am

Worship Service: 2nd Service - 12pm

Deliverance Tuesdays: 12pm Facebook Live

Children's Church: Sunday Online 3pm

Bible Study: Thursday 7pm ZOOM



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Registration opens every Wednesday for the upcoming Sunday service